About Batch Southern Kitchen & Tap

Batch New Southern Kitchen & Tap is a modern casual dining restaurant & bar featuring a scratch-cooked, locally sourced new southern culinary menu and garden-to-glass cocktails.

Our Food

We’re all about cookin’ from scratch. That means we avoid frozen products, we don’t cut corners, and we only feature the freshest and best ingredients we can source. We use local products, sustainable crops, and fair trade ingredients. It may take us a little more time and a little more work, but we were taught nothin’ worthwhile comes easy, and creating the best possible meal for you is all that matters. We are proud to cater to every diet- don’t be afraid to ask our servers for vegan and gluten-free options!

Our Drinks

We focus on craft American-made spirits, new-world wines, and Florida micro-brewed beers.  100% of our bitters, tinctures, and syrups are made in house. We feature freshly squeezed & cold-pressed juices, make our own sodas, use local fresh herbs, and even brandy our own domestic cherries. We believe all of our beverages should be made to the highest possible standard with the best possible ingredients and care, so each one of your drinks is something we’re proud to call ours.